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Wholesome Story Inositol helps you with these common hormonal issues...

Intense Carb Cravings

Unwanted Facial Hair

Painful Breakouts

Challenges Trying To Conceive

Painful Or Irregular Menstrual Cycles

...by supporting healthy, balanced hormone levels

Wholesome Story Inositol Has Over 20,000 5-Star Reviews

  • Healthy hair, skin and menstrual cycles. <3

    I have been using this supplement for 2 & 1/2 months and I went from irregular 60 day menstrual cycles to 27 (normal) The hair on my head is thicker, my face pores are shrinking, and my excessive hair on my face and body is going away. The only thing I’m doing different is some exercise couple times a week. I loooove this stuff.

    — Philippi WV

    Verified Customer

  • Great even if you don't want to get pregnant!

    I know most people take this supplement for infertility challenges but it's also great for women who don't necessarily want to get pregnant! It's been super helpful for me to regulate my period, ease my cramps and regulate my cycle and I've gotten a huge energy boost from it where I feel alert as soon as I wake up and sleep so restfully at night.

    — Lemont, Illinois

    Verified Customer

  • Miracle Supplement

    I've struggled with irregular cycles (average cycle usually 50 days or more) and really painful periods for a couple years now, and my FIRST month of taking this, my cycle was regular (34 days) and my period was literally painless. Not a single cramp. Also, I've had acne for many years and my skin has been looking much clearer since taking this! May have been a miracle healing from God, but I do think this really works!

    — New Orleans, LA

    Verified Customer

  • Amazing

    I don't normally write reviews for products, however I was blown away by how effective this product was. I started with half the recommended dose (2 pills a day) due to stomach sensitivity, and had my first period in 8 months after just two weeks of taking the pills. I was also able to lose 10 pounds the first month, when combined with diet and exercise.

    — Kalamazoo, MI

    Verified Customer

  • This supplement skeptic is a believer

    I am in my late 30s and although I am not trying to conceive, my periods were totally unmanageable. I also had symptoms of metabolic syndrome; namely, liver enzymes that had been elevated for years. Since using this product, my periods have become regular and "healthier." My flow used to be really scanty and I'd spot for days; now it just shows up, on time, bright red and beautiful. On top of that, my liver enzymes are now in the normal range despite not making any lifestyle changes. I'm not on birth control or taking any other meds besides vitamin D. I <3 inositol!

    — West Hollywood, CA

    Verified Customer

  • the only thing that gave me a regular menstrual cycle!!!

    I hadn't had a period in 4+ months and was so worried about my health. I made lifestyle changes (healthy diet, less sugar, walking 10k steps, etc) and nothing brought my period back until I started this supplement. I got my period within 30 days of starting and now I have regular 29 day cycles. I am so pleased and will be a customer forever!

    — Indianapolis, IN

    Verified Customer

  • Works!!!

    I was struggling with infertility for nearly 4 years. I started with 2,000 milligrams and did that for over year only seeing a subtle difference with my menstrual cycles and ovulation. Until I spoke with a fertility doctor and suggested taking 4,000 mg a day and had my husband take a multivitamin. I started in April and conceived by October. I believe this change along with diet and having a positive mindset helped me. I hope this helps someone :)

    — Los Angeles, CA

    Verified Customer


    I started taking these back in October (now halfway through January) and I have had a regular cycle, all under 32 days, each month. When before, there were times I wouldn't get my period for 90 days. I have become less hungry and crave less sugary things. And strangely I have been able to eat bread again without bloating and having serious gas pains. 10/10 thanks for changing my life.

    — Little Elm, TX

    Verified Customer

  • Must Buy

    I am 28 and have struggled getting a period my entire life. It took about two months for Wholesome Story to work for me but now that it does I get my period every 30 days. Before this I only would get my period while being on oral contraceptives. I also noticed my skin looks better and I get less headaches/migraines. My periods are also less intense when they come. This product truly is god sent and I'm thankful I found it.

    — Fairhaven

    Verified Customer

  • Shop Berberine

    After a week of consistent use, I can tell a definite difference in my energy and less bloated. I feel more focused and plan on continuing to use this supplement.

    — Isabella

    Verified Customer

  • Shop Prenatal & Postnatal | 2 Bottles AM & PM

    The prenatals offer a comprehensive and convenient solution for expectant and new mothers. The high-quality ingredients, bioavailable formulation, and convenient AM/PM doses make it a standout choice for those seeking optimal support during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    — Maren

    Verified Customer

  • Shop Daily Multivitamin for Women | 2 Bottles AM & PM

    I've been taking this women's multivitamin 2x daily for the past month. I've been healthy, felt energized and well… I will continue to use regularly and will definitely purchase again. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    — Kai

    Verified Customer

  • Shop Prenatal & Postnatal | 2 Bottles AM & PM

    The prenatals offer a comprehensive and convenient solution for expectant and new mothers. The high-quality ingredients, bioavailable formulation, and convenient AM/PM doses make it a standout choice for those seeking optimal support during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    — Maren

    Verified Customer

  • Shop Saw Palmetto

    I LOVE this supplement!! Completely changed my skin… a problem I've been struggling with since I was a teenager. Highly recommend.

    — Ava

    Verified Customer

  • Shop Zinc + Magnesium + Vitamin B6

    I bought this product for help with pms symptoms. I highly recommend this product! Been on this product for about a month and def going to be taking this for the rest of my life.

    — Indira

    Verified Customer

  • Shop Myo & D-Chiro Inositol + MTHF Folate & Vitamin D3 Powder

    Tasteless, can mix in anything. seems to work for me, I sleep better and my sugar cravings have drastically decreased.

    — Seraphina

    Verified Customer

  • Shop Ashwagandha

    I've been sleeping great ever since I started taking this. This stuff seems like it is the real deal; potent and very beneficial!

    — Chloe

    Verified Customer

  • Shop Delicious Spiced Dandelion Tea

    This is well-executed, next-level dandelion tea. The addition of the spices definitely covers the earthiness of the dandelion and just makes for a very tasty tea… I like everything about it, and I highly recommend it.

    — Ayana

    Verified Customer

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How Wholesome Story Inositol Works

Your body has hundreds of different hormones.

They control critical body systems like metabolism, hunger signals, your monthly cycles, hair growth and more.

These hormones work together in a delicate balance.

This chart shows how the levels of four key reproductive hormones shift throughout your monthly cycle–there’s a lot going on!

When the balance gets disrupted, you might start noticing unpleasant issues like...

...strong carb cravings, stubborn weight gain, painful breakouts and unwanted facial hair.

Stress, diet and even common chemicals in your environment can all throw off your hormone balance.

Sometimes women need a little extra support to maintain the balance, especially when life gets busy or stressful.

Wholesome Story Inositol helps support your hormone health, even when life gets in the way.

Our Inositol is a blend of Myo-Inositol and D-Chiro Inositol: two high quality ingredients that support hormone balance & ovarian health. 


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